Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Not Going to this Time

Something I'm not even sure,
How to express,
That must reveal itself,
In some way, I force it onto a keyboard.

So much like a bad dream,
I keep waiting to awake,
Covered in sweat and relief,
But if it is a dream, it's one,

I'll never get out of.

Tied tight to this misery,
Any place looks like,
A good place to lye down,
And slip into another life.

What have I done?
Only give everything I have,
And expect the same in return,
But receive something much less.

Like a breath hanging two inches above my reach.

Stop acting like,
You have me so surely,
I've made my effort everyday,
Since the day that we met.

I'm waiting for you,
To make yours,
Even if it is only one,
Single day that it happens.

Maybe today, but maybe never.

This isn't for anyone,
To understand or be entertained by,
This is something,
Like my heart throwing up on a webpage.