Monday, February 20, 2006

5:16 and Before

I sit in cold almost-silence,
Just the scattered clicks,
as I move a Jack to his Queen,
Bounce throughout the white walled room.

I glance behind me at tired eyes,
My stomache rumbles in anticipation,
Of the meal he makes,
So much better than I.

Slightly irritated,
With the still slumber,
Yet, when ignoring my hunger,
So magnificent.

Strands of hair fall,
Across his placid face,
Lips are frozen, only,
His chest moves with each breath.

I bounce my crossed leg,
And begin a round,
With red and black queens,
Ruling a rather chaotic kingdom.

I must've made a bad impression,
For the queens shoot,
A look at their kings,
And I'm thrown into the fields without.

He stretches and the rustling sheets,
Add another sound to the almost-silence,
Still motionless,
Still hungry.

Bored, I begin a story,
To make the time pass,
I quess I can wait,
Just a bit longer.

Now rapid clicks,
Fill the white walled room,
He stirs, sleepy eyes open,
And we go make mac & cheese.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

A fuckin drunk blog.

Yeah, fuck, yea,
you know IU'm fuckin drunk
Fuack ass.

Stop dick face!!!!!
The end fucker!!!!

Fuck your shit, and I love the word fuck, comment.