Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Wear your favorite jeans,
Stay home and sleep when you're tired,
Don't feel like you have to be with them,
all the time.

Everyone wears something dirty,
At some time,
They're more comfortable,
You love it.

So what if you already ate,
You're still hungry!
Be beautiful,
Be satisfied.

Just play it again,
It doesn't matter that you've already,
Listened to it 578 times,
It's your favorite.

Stop thinking so much,
It's a waste of fun.

Swim in a fountain,
Don't get caught.

Sneak out of your house,
In the middle of the night,
To buy yourself earplugs,
Because your dad snores,
Too loud.

Make genuine conversation,
With a stranger.

Wink and blow a kiss,
To every guy,
Driving by himself,
It'll make his day.

Don't worry about not being,
Pretty enough,
You have charm.