Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Globule (part 2)

It was ten after, twelve after. I acquired some new ideas. It was twenty after. Dana gave up and left with boldness.

Finally I had some time to dedicate to cleaning. Cleaning dishes, tables. Taking out trash, recycling.

I got to the glass recycling and began routinely rinsing the bottles before I tossed them into a large blue bin.

I picked up a big green bottle. I held it under the running faucet, tipped it and poured it’s contents into the deep, steel kitchen sink. Water glugged from the bottle in spurts. I held it completely vertical and watched the liquid gush out.

Then it stopped.

I could tell from the weight of the bottle that it still had quite a bit of water in it. Why did it stop flowing suddenly?

The green bottle drought lasted perhaps five seconds. Then a most revolting thing occurred. A mucousy globule slipped slowly from the opening and plopped into the sink. I froze in a state of absolute disgust. The muscles in my throat contracted. A sickening tingle swept across the entirety of my nerves. My eyes focused intently on a patch of wall. I swallowed roughly, inhaled slowly and collected myself.

I wanted so badly to leave it, disregard it as nothing, but I had been so instantly intrigued, though I had only viewed it for a moment. It must be examined.


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