Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Globule (part 1)

It’s been busier than normal tonight. I got into a dull lull earlier. It was four-o-clock, it was four-thirty, it was five and still I had nobody to serve. I didn’t mind it much though, I was feeling rather lazy. Getting lost in the virtual world that was nesting in my phone.

Some people came in. They wanted this or that. I gave them this or that for this and that price. It repeated, once, twice, countless. I was overwhelmed.

I came to a point of decision. What to do? Dishes are overflowing. I have none to give out. Do dishes, ignore customers? Ignore dishes, do customers…or rather serve customers?

I chose to serve. The dishes piled up to great piles. But I found myself lost to obligation at the encounter of a regular, Dana, who had come to meet a blind date she’d been matched to on the internet. We chatted. Then chatted some more. She checked her phone, asked me a question and forgot my answer before hearing it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the messes I needed to clean up. The glass recycling, in particular, seemed to be calling much attention.


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